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    2018/03/16 , by GM

    | Box Event | Boss Event | Math Event | Towline Event | Q&A | - (16.03.2018) 18:00 Game Time | <Be There>

Server Activity and Rules

Storm Raid Mid-Rate Online Players Now: 2 / 300

Players Online in last 12 hours: 6

Accounts Created: 1598

Time Online:16 days and 21 hours

Friday to Sunday - Double Golden Drop

You Need to Know!

Support only by Creating a Support Ticket
Game Admins are -HIDDEN-
You can *Never* meet with GM in-game

Rules and Penalties

Do not share your account data with anyone.

Do not spam other servers - Permanent IP Ban

Do not scam othe people accounts - Permanent Account Ban

Do not abuse with GM's - Mute or Ban will be provided

Do not use in-game bugs - 7 Days Account Ban

Management Panel

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In-Game Moderators

[Bloody Mod]Princess - |English|Bulgarian|
[Bloody Mod]HelloBiitches - |English|Bulgarian|
[Bloody Mod]LastHit - |English|Serbian|



Montly Vote Rewards
pago111 57 votes
pago222 57 votes
pago333 57 votes
pago444 57 votes
pago555 57 votes
Top voters get rewards at the end of each month!
1st - 500 Blood Coins
2nd - 400 Blood Coins
3rd - 300 Blood Coins
4th - 200 Blood Coins
5th - 100 Blood Coins
General Information
Max Level: 75
Max Pet Level: 25
Max Combine: +12
Max Drop Color: Golden
Free T-Points
Free Newbie Gears
Free Cool Mounts
Free EXP Fruit to up Level 70
Peace Island
Peacock River Sorrow Cave
West Palace Cave
No OP Items

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